Transfer Balancing Machine for Wound Armatures 450 Civo - Schenck España

5 stations for the efficient balancing in electric armature production

CIVO gives you maximum balancing performance in minimal space. With impressively short cycle times, electric armatures are freed from their unbalance in one process. The CIVO is designed for medium and large quantities, up to approx.
2 million electric armatures p.a. Small footprint, good accessibility to all components and easy handling makes the CIVO the perfect partner for your production. Thanks to a flexible design, it can be easily combined with automation and feed equipment -
from the conveyor to the pallet. The balancing is performed by milling into the stack of sheets at one or two planes.


Easy integration into your production

  • Narrow front silhouette – easy to integrate into existing production lines
  • Small footprint – increased flexibility in your production
  • Fast commissioning thanks to crane hook design – position, connection electricity and compressed air, and the machine is ready for use.
  • Easily accessible: the switch cabinet is located beneath the machine assembly
  • Refitting and maintenance-friendly as a result of the open machine design

The technology

  • Flexible degree of automation – loading and unloading can either by pallet conveyor or a manually activated drawer.
  • High level of process reliability through fully automatic working process
  • Jolt-free acceleration and precise positioning through lift and turn transport unit
  • Low noise level and CE-conform safety equipment

Flexibility when correcting unbalances

  • Unbalances corrected by milling into the stack of sheets – at one or two planes
  • Measuring and correction of the unbalance of electric commutator armatures and similar rotors that permit milling correction
  • High levels of flexibility by using single and multiple milling cutters, based on the pole pitch
  • Correction process for diagonally and straight-grooved armatures
  • Vectorial distribution of the measured unbalance at corresponding pole pitches

Meßtechnik State of the Art

  • Touchscreen – easy and direct input of all data and display of the measurement results as numbers and vector diagrams
  • Logical control concept – clear and distinct displays with icons that match the touchscreen controls
  • Visualised operator guide
  • Interfaces for integrating superordinate production control systems
  • Automatic setting processes, diagnostics programs, statistical software
Technical data
Technical data    CIVO 450         
Rotor dimensions              
Rotor weight  [g]  60 - 3000         
Shaft length between the shaft ends  [mm]  80 - 240         
Shaft diameter  [mm]  3 - 15         
Stack diameter  [mm]  18 - 70         
Stack length  [mm]  15 - 70         
Width, depth, height approx.  [mm]  1800 x 1300 x 2100         
Total weight approx.  [kg]  2500         
Noise level (without suction) max.   [dB(A)]  75         
Mains connection    400V±10% / 50 Hz±2% / 3Ph         
Input power  [kW]         
Max. prefuse by customer  [A]  25         
Control voltage  [V DC]  24         
Internal device voltage  [V AC]  230         
Paint    RAL 7035 (Lichtgrau)         
Smallest achievable measuring uncertainty (workpiece-dependent)  [gmm]  0,01         
Smallest achievable tolerance (workpiece-dependent)  [gmm]  0,1         
Technical availability    99% nach VDI 3423         
Measurement device             
CAB 870 with Touchscreen Bedienung              
Set-up rotor with test weights              
Belt feed with centring system             
Lifting device             
Swarf vacuum             
Drawer/loading door             
Design with or without CE